Learn to Sew with Lisa

Learn to Sew in 10 Hours!

How many times have you seen something that someone made and thought to yourself; "I wish I could do that!". Well, now you can! In my beginner sewing lessons, I will take you through all the steps of putting together a garment, from what supplies you will need, to cutting out that pesky pattern, to putting the finishing touches on your seams.

All lessons are private, one-on-one classes so all the attention is on you. (Trust me, that's a good thing!) By having my attention on you, you will be able to learn more and you won't have to sit around wating for me to finish up with another student like you would have to do in so many other classes. If you and a friend would like to take a joint lesson, that can be arranged too.

No machine? No problem! I understand that someone who is learning how to sew more than likely will not have their own machine. Why would you spend the money on something that you might not end up liking? (Although, I think you will). If you do not have a machine of your own, You can use mine at no additional cost. Also, I have used many different types of machines, so not only will I be able to help you with yours if you do have one, but if you don't and would like to purchase one, I can assist you in making the big descision.